It’s all about the kids!

On a sweltering summer day, there’s nothing like a cool blast of spray to cool the little ones!

Child enjoying the splash poolA splash park is a water play area that has no standing water. Water is pumped through decorative structures which children can either stand under or run through. It’s perfect for families with young children.

The little ones have fun creating their own games and just letting their imagination run wild, all the while being close to their parents who are able to enjoy the fun with less worry.

Most importantly, the new splash park will be completely wheelchair accessible, so all children will be able to participate.

Why a new splash park?

The new splash park will replace the now outdated spray park located within the Lions Ventureland Playground in the Parksville Community Park. The 39 hectare Community Park in downtown Parksville is the jewel of the City, home to hundreds of events, festivals and activities. Open from May to September, the splash park is used by Oceanside residents as well as the thousands of tourists who visit our region annually.

The Parksville Lions Club and the Rotary Club of Parksville AM have accepted the challenge to raise funds to bring a new splash park located in the Parksville Community Park, to the Oceanside region.

The Parksville Lions and Rotary Club of Parksville AM have come together to support this project and raise the necessary funds to make a new splash park a reality for our community. Members are actively looking at funding opportunities through government, foundations, local organizations and businesses as well as individual donors.


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